3d ultra lionel traintown deluxe for the pc

There are memory-matching, pick-up sticks, hangman, Tower of traintown Hanoi, and traintown anagram scramble jobs with deluxe set time limits.
Upper/Lower case is not significant.
Contents, gameplay edit, a lionel view of gameplay on Traintown, on the living room ultra setting.
F3A diesel locomotive (usually used to pull lionel passenger trains a generic 2-8-0 steam locomotive, and a 1950s passenger railcar.FixAll - Repair all sorts of track problems across the entire layout.Chris - Give deluxe a 300-second time bonus.This stays in effect until you exit TrainTown Deluxe.Gimme - Give control of all cars to the user.MoveIt - Give all trains a speed increase.(Requires Version.1 patch) (c) Team X /TeamX.The game has seven different play environments including a desert, the arctic, a living room, and the moon.JCarey - Repair zapped tracks and broken switches near deluxe the selected car.Kelle - Turn off speed limits until the end of the job.Sound Ideas, COW - single MOO, animal. It's an updated version of the original 3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown, which was released in language 1999.
(note: the following codes must be entered during an active job, often with a bullzip particular car selected).
Sound Ideas, bird, crow - gratis common crow: calls, animal.
game 3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown game Deluxe Released: 2000 Franchise: Lionel 3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown Deluxe (also known in Europe as "TrainTown Deluxe is a video game support developed by Dynamix, Inc.Each difficulty has 11 jobs.Load - This brings up a dialog box that lets you assign any load to the selected car - Enter vice a code of # followed by any letter or digit and the selected car becomes loaded with that digit.JobBoss- Trigger a special job cheat, whose function varies from job to job: - Advance to next level in building jobs - Allow shift-click to help solve memory jobs., show entire map in maze job - Shows word in Hangman - May have no function.Step into the role of model train conductor in Sierra's number 3-D Ultra TrainTown Deluxe.