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Housing price scatter diagram slide 51: Height tools Age Fig 3 : Height.
Method OF USE Used for tallying the occurrences of the defects or causes being addressed and graphing or charting them directly.11, example Bar Graph Line Graph 95 5 Radar Graph Pie Graph 12, check Sheet Check sheets are sheets that are design in advance to tools collect the necessary data easily and systematically, which allow the efficient checking of all items for inspection and verification.Determine the largest (L) and smallest (S) value of data.Sealing temperature Model A Model B scatter diagram slide 52:.Dram tools the middle bones, small bones and fine bones.WHY-WHY analysis slide 53: WHY-WHY analysis WHY-WHY analysis It requires asking cause till we reach the systems cause of the problem.It is a good communication tool that describes the data in a simple and easy-to- read bar diagram.Check tools Ensuring the effectiveness of remedies.These are the tools which facilitate the organization to resolve the basic problems.As a result we get a diagram with branches tools and sub branches of causal factors resembling to a fish bone diagram.The measures commonly used to describe central tools tendency are:.Slide 48: scatter diagram scatter diagram: Prepared by plotting paired sets of data against each other on x and y axes. Specify the allplayer aim of collecting data.
The graph helps check for outliers too.
Shewhart is squares basically osho a statistical chart which helps in determining if an industrial process dellamore is within control and capable to meet the customer defined specification limits.
Decide on the method for stratification.
Design of data collection forms and process can reduce bias.
Negative Correlation n 30.
Three key insights regarding the 7 QC Tools Kaoru Ishikawa, in the year 1985, is credited with making the following statement with respect to these tools: As allplayer much as 95 percent of all quality-related problems in the factory can be solved squares with seven fundamental quantitative.These tools which comprised of simple graphical and statistical techniques were helpful in solving critical quality related issues.All ideas are recorded for later analysis.Analyze the data.Standardization Holding on the gains.7 Example Figure 2 Example of Cause and Effect Diagram 8 Uses of Ishikawa Diagram.Joining these dots can highlight any existing relationship among these variables or an equation in format Y F(X) C, where is C is an arbitrary constant.Displays relative importance of causes of a problem.Count frequency of data.Two distribution with widely different mean are mixed.Six Sigma dmaic or, dmadv in continuous improvement process (.Use line graph for showing time trends bar graphs for comparing kuroko quantities and pie charts for showing relative proportions.Graphs charts slide 21: graphs charts ID variation rejection vision - RG slide 22:.