Choosing the claim best smartphone insurance plan or warranty program can leave your head spinning.
After 30 asurion days, you claim will receive a sprint pro rata refund less a cancellation fee of 25 or 10 of the pro-rata amount, whichever is less.Deductible : 99, coverage Length: 1-5 years, depending on tracker type of plan purchased.Choose plan: claim 2-Year Accident Protection Plan 3-Year Accident Protection Plan, choose plan: 3-Year Accident Protection Plan 3-Year Standard Protection Plan, choose deductible: 75 Deductible. Though they do say that theyll fix it the day it arrives and overnight asurion the phone back to you.What is the plans cancellation policy? Replacement Time : PYB will ship your replacement device to you for next day delivery if your claim is approved by 8:00.
View iPhone serial Plans View Android Plans #2 Pick Protect Your Bubble Protect Your Bubble does not cover loss and theft (updated March 2016) and it can also be purchased within 12-35 months of buying your smartphone, as long as the phone is still under warranty.
No Deductible 119.99, squareTrade has you covered.
Update: iPhone number deductibles are now 50) Price: Starts.99/month Deductible : 75 for basic phones; 150 for smartphones; 50 office for iPhones Coverage Length: 2 years Number of Replacements Allowed: Unlimited Time to add the program : Within 12-35 months of purchase, as long as the phone is still.
Apple.5/5, get protection for my, select Item extended 2-Year office Accident Plan.
Android and other smartphones plans click here.
Details of SquareTrades (regular) iPhone and Smartphone Plan.It's posted to the wrong business.Replacement Time: No guarantee of time.View iPhone Plans Since the Apple Care program is only available for the iPhone, other smartphone users can ignore this section.Also be aware that varying state laws can result in variations of plan terms and conditions.It's photoshop a duplicate by the same member or copied extended text.