broken blade episode 6

Years later, Rygart is reunited with blade Hodr and Sigyn at the Capital city of Krisna where he learns the Athens Commonwealth has just declared war on Krisna.
Because I broken didn't love it broken nearly as episode much as the other 5 movies.
I know that's what I wanted.I was really expecting blade more of a plot twist of some sort.When Borcuse forces finally arrive, Borcuse orders his forces to attack Binoten in three directions with blade Io and Bades.So why on earth would I give this movie a 7?Overall 7, story 7, animation 10, sound 8, character 7, enjoyment 7, all of the Break Blade movies have been incredible and enjoyable to watch!Throughout this movie's battle between Rygart and Borcuse, there was a lot episode of yelling and shouting of all sorts, as you would expect in a battle, and something about Rygart seemed a little bit off.Art: 10, i have seen many 'Mech' animes, in other words, blade robots or large machines fighting each other.A: If you click refresh on your browser problem will be solved.The music is beautiful and intense. So, if the music was so amazing, why would I only give this an 8?
Whoever composed it needs to receive a broken medal or an award wizard of some sort.
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Donations are always appreciated!But if you were expecting the same ending as I was, with a final windows conflict between Zess and place his former internet friends, you are out of luck.Borcuse decides to invade Binoten with his current forces without waiting for the rest of the Invasion force.Enjoyment: wizards 7, even though I had many bad things to say about this movie, I couldn't bring myself to give it an extremely low score.Rygart was the same was always, fighting and not really knowing why he was fighting, and question his own motives for joining the war.