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Fix for missing text on buttons on Windows 2000.
printer Updated translations (Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, printer Afrikaans, Spanish, Finnish, Croatian, printer German, Portuguese - Brazil, Portuguese - Portugal, Greek, Slovenian, bullzip Indonesian, Polish, French, Turkish, Chinese printer - simplified, Chinese - traditional, Italian).New context variables printer for Visual bullzip Basic Scripting (DocumentName, DocumentAuthor, DocumentCreationDate).(0 digitally signed setup program.New setup command line switches GSLiteURL and GSLiteDownloadMode.(2 fix of error 429 when using ActiveX object 'BioPdf.Fix of error when output format is different from PDF and encryption was enabled.Updated translations (Brazilian bullzip Portuguese, Slovenian, Ukrainian, British English, Australian English, Polish, Japanese). Fix for speed reading Unicode postscript properties written using octal numbers on Windows 2000.
Updated translations (Estonian, Romanian) (9 fix: Option dialog reported a runtime error mini 91 when photoshop closed.
Settings keygen RunOnSuccess, RunOnSuccessDir, RunOnError, RunOnErrorDir, AfterPrintProgram, AfterPrintProgramDir and StatusFile now support macro substitution.
Forces that need error meszsages are suppressed when the user is a service account ending with a sign.
New wipemethod3pass setting is now supported to do a 3 pass wipe of temporary files created during PDF or image creation.
Fix for selecting the correct file extension when using the Save As dialog.PdfWriter.Xmp' on 64 bit systems.Updated translations (Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, Serbian).Updated translations (Norwegian, Finnish, British English, Australian English, Lithuanian).Exe to force the use portable of a specific runonce need settings file.New runonce command line parameter keygen for gui.Fix of problem with the Save As dialog.