In this book, you will also find the previous years questions, and the exercise questions at the end of each chapter.
Soon after the Tamil Nadu State board releases new HSC books, you can free download here on this page textbook in the form of pdf format.
This is chemistry also a last months preparation book, but it chemistry can bring you more than 90 marks easily if you study it with full attention and concentration.Xam Idea Unlike Physics, Xam Idea for chemistry is the best book ever.The Times Of India, rapper Hard Kaur challenges PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.This story is from March 12, 2019.Ok, let me give chemistry the difference between both the books.Your primary target should be to complete chemistry these books as soon as possible, and make it half of the year, if possible.You wont find any previous year questions in this book, which is bit disappointing but the overall content of All In One mathematics is sufficient to score good marks.Both Pradeep and Modern ABC are likewise.One more thing I want to write about.D Sharma textbook is that, cbse doing Calculus from it is worth, as it explains it more clearly and deeply as compared to other books.XAM idea chemistry XII Since, this book is lite and portable therefore, you can carry it anywhere.These books has a lot extra content which is useless to study while preparing for the board exams. 5 of students purchase reference books amid the english last time of the session.
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Pradeeps Fundamentals describes each topic in a rosetta simplified manner with good diagrams and graphs rosetta so that it becomes easier to understand the derivations, theories and numerical.
See, I am not an anti.L Arora, may.L Arora will benefit you and suits you more than All in one physics, but just give this book a try during the last months of preparations and you will see the results in your.Most of the students prepare for competitive exams with their board exams, and Modern ABC is chemistry slightly more focused on competitive perspective, and hence this book is great go from competitive point of view.Please Note, no book is written worthless to read, each book is planned and arranged for best preparation perspective.Also, try to complete this book in 3 months, so that you can get level more time to practice sample and previous years papers.Reading the theory, stone or practicing the derivations of physics is not really enough, because in board exam you will find the paper far different from your expectations, and this happens stone only in the case of physics.Also, if you do not want to buy Arihant publications book then you can opt for other books containing the solutions of ncert book.15 Sample Papers Isucceed AND 100 Success Solving sample papers is worthy only if you are well prepared with all the syllabus and every question.You can trust this book, but let me tell you one thing clear, while preparing organic section from this book keep ncert textbook beside, as the organic section of this book is not well explained, but the question and answer given at the end.You cannot take this book everywhere with you, and this creates a bit restrictions while you are preparing.But, if you are buying this book before 3 4 months of the board exams, then you have to invest more time while studying this book.99.99 Accurate level solutions and the easiest approach to solving the questions makes this book much useful for 12th board examinations.As the name suggested, this book is full of important and previous year questions, which helps to get the real exam is is hard to choose between All in one mathematics and xam idea, but if you do not want to opt for any other.It is not necessary to buy this book, but if you want to score good marks then do not let this book.

But like All in one physics this book is also very cbse 12th chemistry textbook strictly according to ncert syllabus, and there is no extra content out of the syllabus.
But, before buying this book let me clear you one thing that, you also practice the previous years questions as well, so that there remains no page unturned at the end.