Installing and configuring SSO (Receiver client) Citrix Receiver client must be installed on the receiver end-device.
Set Internet Explorers homepage to the Receiver for Web website address.
However, there's text that says "Use of the Online app plug-in.1.1 independent of Citrix Receiver is not supported which suggests that use citrix of the online app plug-in.1.1.
If you run a citrix manual client detection under Settings Run Client Detection, it citrix will say The preferred client is already available on your computer.The command automatically configures the store.The concept of having two different full desktop clients-one that is remote citrix desktop only and one that also allows interaction with local apps-is fairly brilliant and handled in an elegant way by Citrix.Now the fun part, go to: and open the nf file in Notepad.Click Close once the software has installed.Group Policies do not need created for Receiver for Web SSO.Online App Plugin, supposedly this is an actual "plug in" for the Citrix Receiver that gives it access to online apps via the ICA protocol.After your install XenApp.5 and setup your web interface site under Web Interface.4, you may notice that going to the web interface will show you a plugin install page like this if you dont have the right web plugin installed on your system.The Receiver itself doesn't actually do anything except provide a way for admins to centrally configure, receiver manage, and update client all the various pieces that need to be installed on a client device.(Again, the "HEY LET'S give ALL OUR products THE same name problem they've had in the past.).This is a horrible end user experience because they citrix dont know what to download and can get confused and frustrated.Like the previous versions, there's a regular package and a web package, as well as EXE and MSI editions available. "Review: Citrix Receiver for visual iPad".
Retrieved 11 December 2015.
(In a novels sense, it's used when you serial want to convert a fat PC into a thin client, err, "desktop appliance.
So really the full version visual of the Desktop Receiver and the Embedded version of the Desktop Receiver are about 99 identical, but the embedded version only supports full-screen mode for serial the remote desktop connections, it only supports one single remote session, and it doesn't have.
History edit, prior to Receiver, Citrix had a different client for each of its products.Local Intranet zone, decision: To get rid of the first-time logon prompt which will be shown later in this post, you need to disable User Name and Password authentication.Additional feature Desktop Lock You can also turn your PC/Thin Clients in to kiosk type machines using what is called Citrix Desktop Lock.IE can detect the difference between lets say version 560.Now below are the remaining unique prerequisites/differences for each method.After installing the sson components you only need to log off/on for the process to run.Just edit the path below to regular Program Files if you are using a 32 bit.Using the above created policy, edit the setting.If you have passthrough authentication enabled, it should log you in automatically if using Internet Explorer.Here is my article I wrote visual a while back on how to do this targeted at Sharepoint admins but the same steps will work for your web interface URLs: otherwise it will give you the Explicit logon prompt:.If you want to force your users to run a minimum version of the Online Plugin or otherwise get the Install the latest plugin screen, you can append the version number to the end of the string.The SSO component is required so a simple GUI or command receiver line interface command can be used to install the client.