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The reason is barkers the same as before, apparently jericho the FLT crack clive uses more RAM because its includes a SecuROM.
As they promised ViTALiTY clive are now propering all keygen of FLTs cracks.Whoo, the scene wars continue!The latest one being jericho for Jericho.Only-ViTALiTY, size:.58 MB, vty-0113, protection: keygen SecuROM.33.0016 custom, links: Homepage, jericho NFO, Torrent.As of now this release is nuked:.orginal. However an unnuke could happen at anytime.
Theres a whole lot more stuff said workspace in the NFO so give it a read if you want the juicy details.
A whole 69MB more RAM according to the NFO.
Release name: Clive.Barkers ACK.
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