The rocket launcher is a riptide very powerful weapon that inflicts a lot of riptide damage.
The Docks (Bronze Enter the island docks in Quarantine Zone.
Load the checkpoint dead before riptide the counter finishes.(can't say for sure as I haven't completed it).Kill all the zombies with the chainsaw in the movie set, leave the movie set, and return to have the zombies respawn.James Nisira's Bungalow, champion: Killer, location: The Dead Zone enterance is near the Paradise Survival Camp, at the Oil Storage location where you can find Brian.Jetboat (Gold Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost.Goffrey Nape's Warehouse Champion: Walking Carcass Location: dead Starting at the bridge leading into the military base, the Dead Zone entrance can be found in the northwestern section of Henderson.However, sometimes, the sound is more like static rather than pounding rain.Sadly, these delicious island meat crunchers are more satisfying in principle than practice. BioShock Infinite and, crysis.
In truth, little effort seems to passware have gone into the player story and script, which is particularly disappointing tutorial when you consider just how important these elements are to an immersive RPG.
Despite this, though, it's incredible that developer Techland's still failed tutorial to fix many of the fundamental issues that featured in the original game.
Advertisement All diary riptide locations Search the indicated locations to find all 10 basic diaries.
Go to the back of the compound.
If you stay on the western edge of the city while searching the south, you should find the blue entrance doors covered with a red tarp.Nvidia Geforce GTX 660, without further ado here are your winners and soon to be grinners!You will pass near it while traveling through a dark flooded alley just after arriving in Henderson and crossing the bridge south.Location: When you go to save Marcus, you will find Joe the butcher around that area.Defeat Harlow thrones (Bronze Defeat Harlow.

There are two locations that you can farm for canned foods and painkillers.
Use the "Duplicating items and weapons" cheat dead island riptide hack ps3 to duplicate as many painkillers as desired.