fallout new vegas weapons codes pc

Spacesuit location Go to vegas the repconn rocket factory where the "Come Fly With Me" mission takes place.
You can shoot from the hip and get fantastic results.
It's certainly potent, but doesn't quite measure up to the YCS/186.
This will likely get fixed in a future patch.10mm Pistol Laser Sight decreases bullet spread and adds a laser sight effect.Go to Vault 11, and you will get a quest to find out what happened there.Each shot with Gobi costs 4-6 caps by comparison.I don't have to tell you how useful these are.Find the 4 locations fallout to Thumbers Today Skill Books to increase vegas your skill by 3 (or weapons 4 with the Comprehension Perk) each time you find and use the book.To obtain the Weathered 10mm, You need the pre-order DLC from EB-Games or Gamestop.When I think of vegas a best all-around gun, I think that weapon should have the following characteristics: * Has access to plentiful and cheap ammo * Does not need to be repaired often * Can be repaired cheaply without Caps or Weapon Repair Kits.Although for the same price, you can buy a Brush Gun instead m/wiki/Gun_Runners.06 - Best Anti-Robot Weapon Robots weapons have different type of armor and a high damage threshold.So I'm going to explain why isn't.Lead Pipe - The weapons Humble Cudgel: Inside the Sealed Sewers, near the Prospector Corpse. Unique Weapon update Location #7:.357 Magnum Revoler: Lucky Location: Primm at The Bison Steve Hotel You will need a lockpick skill of 75 in order to get in this vault.
We'll also need to get 6 Perception to get the buat Better Criticals perk, so we'll also keep that at 5 windows and get the last point of Perception from an implant.
Then head to where his body is and you will find that he is carrying the Annabelle Missle Launcher.
Then, start the sequence.
It has a fantastic, low spread.03, which is on par with a Sniper Rifle.
If you are going to email me about this game, in the subject line, please put "Fallout: New Vegas" along with the version number of the FAQ that you are looking.
You may still have to utilize Weapon Repair Kits though.
Perhaps it's bugged and will be fixed in a patch as well Regardless, this will surely make some fights much harder.Here's the final stats of our Versatile Ranged Weapon character build.Gobi is only moderately effective in vats because of its high AP cost and low damage per AP spent.Found and active when you enter the Quarry gpsmap so that you can collect bollywood the Deathclaw Eggs while you kill them in this area, unless you have already completed.You can acquire the Mysterious Magnum from the Lonesome Drifter, a guitar playing cowboy security with daddy issues, during the quest "Talent Pool".After you tell him who it was, you will have to provide weapons proof.Cowboy Make sure to hunt for all 4 Melee Weapon Mags before level 22!House (the giant television face that looks like Howard Hughes).You only need to leave one with thing if you do not care about fame.