find orphaned logins sql server 2008

A login (Windows/SQL authenticated) gives you the permissions to log onto a SQL Server instance.
In this tip, we find reviewed some complex scenarios related to orphaned database users and we also gave scripts to find these orphaned users.In SQL Server 2005, there is no user created orphaned without a login.Most logins organizations use Windows Authentication and after a database failover, orphaned users are logins able to connect seamlessly.Type 'U' - only for window users and incipal_id 4; -.4 are system users which will logins be ignored open @c; fetch logins next from @c into @name; while @fetch_status 0 begin begin try insert into @tmp exec xp_logininfo @name; if @rowcount 0 insert into @t.Next Steps If you have an environment to test database users with type E or X (as listed above please elaborate how orphaned users are generated and how to detect them.Problem, sQL Server orphaned users are a common thorny issue in auditing. Status, solved, priority, medium, security, public, views 434.
It would be much easier to rely on PowerShell and SMO.
Is there a new procedure in SQL management 2008 to do this, how project can I get numark the sids to match agian, if this is even the problem?
This can be done using two methods: Method 1: Execute the script below under the context of the database in question.
Please mark fifa this reply as the answer or vote as helpful, as appropriate, to make it useful for other readers.The script is available under KB918992.Otherwise, it is orphaned.As such, we may keep on updating our orphaned database user detection script to cover these and other scenarios.A login L is created from a window account W, also a login LG is created from a window group, of which W games is a member, and a database user is created from the login.Some of the error messages can be of the following type: error #1: Microsoft SQL Native Client printer error '80040e09'.Get-AdGroupMember to find what member zippy accounts the group has.But to me, such a user should be considered as orphaned in the sense, the user account should be removed or fixed just as those regular orphaned users.But in reality, there are multiple scenarios that can make things complex (excluding contained databases such as: A login L is created from a windows account W, and a database user (U) is created from this login L, but later the login is dropped.Summary Auditing orphaned users is a common task in auditing assignments.Get-ADPrincipalGroupMemberShip to find what groups a member account belongs.The only exceptions to this rule are:.The SID for Windows Authentications (Domain Accounts) are the same throughout the environment hence a problem never arises here cover when the roles (Mirror to Principal or Secondary to Primary) change.This information can be found out using the rver_principals catalog view (This gives you a list of logins created for the current instance) and sys.