Hot Corners needs to be run as administrator in order to save the corners settings.
The app corners is corners no longer featured on m and its no longer listed on Google Play.
Also, while Lion unfortunately does corners not allow quick access to the Desktop with hot corners this can be somewhat remedied by creating a Desktop Stack to do so without leaving the application.Sep 15, '11 07:30:00AM Contributed by: JayG, just as you can now drag files from Safari's downloads list, you can also drag them from a stack.How to Disable Hot Corners in Mac.Pull down each of corners the four corners hot corner submenus and choose - to set each Hot Corner on the Mac to do nothing, corners thereby disabling the feature.Apple menu and choose System Preferences.Disable bottom left hot corner: corners defaults write ck wvous-bl-corner -int.Disable bottom right hot corner: defaults write ck wvous-br-corner -int.Preme, in addition to enabling actions in the corners of your screen, Preme has several other functions built.Different numerical values are assigned to each commands triggered by Hot Corners as well, for example 0 is nothing, 1 is disabled, 5 is start screen saver, 2 is Mission Control, 4 is show the desktop, 3 is Notifications, and.This is also very handy for dragging images and items in the downloads menu from a fullscreen app like Safari to the Desktop. After installation, run the program and you are shown the four corners of the screen with a files drop down menu for each.
One issue with the keyboard shortcut option is system files shortcuts are not recognized which does reduce its usefulness somewhat.
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Of course you can also customize the Hot Corners so they perform a different action then what is currently set as well.
Click the drop down and select the action to type perform for that corner.
Most are related to how a standard window behaves and you can roll down, scroll, slide or arrange files windows on your desktop.
Many Mac users enjoy Hot Corners (also called Active Screen Corners) but some find them to be annoying if they are inadvertently activated when accessing a menu item or moving the mouse cursor around on the display.
They can be dragged to the Desktop, Trash, Finder window, folder, folders and volumes in the Sidebar and Toolbar and even another Stack.Downloads, hot Corners, hTML Linking Code, step one.Enable the keyboard shortcuts option to create your own custom shortcuts which can perform a number of actions such as remap keys, college slide window, keep window on top, change input language or open files.A new Custom Command entry will appear along with the other hot corner functions in the drop down menus.Hot Corners are a feature of Mac OS that allows a user to point the cursor into one of the far corners of the display to summon a set feature, like windows triggering Mission Control, Launchpad, Dashboard, Notification Center, revealing the desktop, start or disable.Popular, news, how Samsung's files New T5 Compares to the Old T3 Portable SSD (Infographic).BetterDesktopTool BetterDesktopTool is geared more towards a traditional usage for hot corners, which is for showing and hiding windows in various ways.It is easier to run this software when you are a full administrator with no UAC.Its also worth noting that the program is a tiny portable executable of under 90KB but is only distributed as a setup installer.Here are 5 free programs to try.