Resolutions: This is mostly server like DNS issue and it occurs because the server client may not be able to reach the DNS or the configured preferred DNS server on the client is not valid.
This can be caused by a failure third-party program installed on the computer.
On the domain controller failure that does not have file and printer sharing logon turned on gets Event ID: 2504 or Event ID: 2505 Your computer is a multihomed computer (that logon is, it may link simultaneously to two logon or more subnets using multiple network cards).
Delete the dhcp servers from Active Directory Sites and Services, and then reauthorize the dhcp servers.( error description ).It provides the following: Complete record of all event attempts to access the computer, regardless of the type of account used.Or error: "The specified user does not exist.".To change computer name in the TCP/IP parameters section, run regedit.Apply the Latest Device Driver Updates. Event ID 1041 - The dhcp service is not servicing any condition clients because none of the active network interfaces have statically configured IP addresses or there are no active interfaces.
Resolutions : To authenticate the cached credentials, 1) if it is w2k/xp, use net command, for example, net use servernamesharename /user:username.
Event ID 3034 - The redirector was unable to initialize security context indo or query context attributes.
Event ID: 2021: Server was unable to create a work item n times in the last seconds seconds.
Event ID 1053, userenv, symptoms: your w2k/xp clients may receive this Event ID 1053.
Error 1311, there are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.
Third question that yo asked is about the client name and recovery the next answer is that there is no usernam supplied.
Incorrect NIC hardware settings.Run Regedt32.exe, go to On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and fourth then add the following information: Value Name: MaxDgramBuffering Data Type: event REG_dword Value: 0x40000 Refer to 072704RL Event ID 5805 - Net Logon kernel Cause : A machine account failed to authenticate, episode which is usually.Try to maximize the resources that can be made available to the Server service.Symptoms: When you start the computer, the Netbios name resolution over your Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)-based network may not succeed, and Event Viewer may report Event ID 4319 with the following error message: "A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network".Causes: Netlogon Issue Symptoms :.Resolution: The registry value IRPstackSize torent may be not explicitly present.Click Connect using a different user name, enter the username and password.If you are required by law to capture this data, then verify with your compliance officer (and/or audit requirements) to ensure that you can change this setting and still remain compliant.This may eliminate the error messages or only lessen the frequency of the errors.After you establish the connection and you try to map the network drives, the operation may be unsuccessful, and you may receive the following error message: "System Error: (1311) There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.".

What you need to ask I think is that how come a client on a network getting access to your intranet IIS?
Most common logon types (e.g.
Type logon failure event id server 2008 of logon and logon process.