openoffice calc sum column

I recommend to introduce a helper openoffice column openoffice indicating if the time should be considered when calculating "Total worked".
Here is column the structure of the table: calc I'm sorry about my terrible Paint skills.
Sumif : Column C (Duration) is simply Bx-Ax.A3-B3 and so on, as the list is rather openoffice large.Ln, column log10, bessel functions, besseli, besselj, openoffice besselk.This is quite a tricky question. How can I do this easily?
Soma is the equivalent of SUM for English versions.
"Total worked subtitle (C9 is SUM(C2:C8 and "Net worked windows (C19 is sumif(D2:D8 1 C2:C8).
Hyperbolic, cosh, sinh, tanh, coth, acosh, acoth, asinh, atanh, rounding and remainders, trunc, round.
Rounddown, roundup, ceiling, floor, even, odd, surfer mround.All windows those columns are introduced manually.I figured it out.Follow 2 answers.To make it easier to tools accomplish this task, Calc includes a built-in formula called the SUM function.Cell Format for all cells is HH:MM.I have keyboard two columns of numbers and I am trying to find their difference.I've tried the SUM function but it work well.Int,"ent, mod, logarithm/Powers, exp, power, log.Functions, trigonometric, cos, sin, tan, cot, acos.I've added some conditional formatting to highlight the tasks recognized for net subway working time..

All the columns openoffice calc sum column have the format HH:MM.
Acot, asin, atan, atan2, degrees, radians,.
What am I doing wrong?