You can check it on the commandline as well if you create a p with?php phpinfo?
You are a real grand-master!
PHP.4.12 and.3.22 were released on 21 February, 2013.Please check the.3 and.4 sub folders for newer versions.Lots of bin_dump related bugs fixed this time around.Thanks valkyria, joined:, posts: 4, posted: Fri 30 Nov '12 21:09 Post subject: sorry I'm late.I think one is for relaunching the other if that one crashes.Message valkyria, joined:, posts: 4, posted: Sun 25 Nov '12 9:18 Post subject: PHP.4.9 for Windows x64 available -Version: Thread Safety -compiled: Visual C 2010 (VC10) -libraries: libiconv.14, libpng.5.13, libXpm.5.10, curl.28 -additional extensions: APC.1.13, eAccelerator.0, http.7.4, memcache.XDebug zend_extension "C:Program Files. On the 13th of February 2013, Zeev Suraski announced the availability of the, zend Optimizer source code.
Having this extension - two.
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This release fixes the nasty stat0 bugs ipad when including files.
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Thank you Jan so much once again!
Neither is perfect, but it is close enough for the majority of sites.An APC.1.11 tag has been created, but is still marked as beta, its available on the APC pecl page, as well as the changelog.Ziggi Joined: Posts: 10 Location: Poland, Warsaw Posted: Wed 05 Dec '12 15:38 Post subject: Hi Valkyria, Presuming your chariots are running well, are there any plans to compile missing extensions (enchant, ldap and snmp) in a forseeable future?No, it fails with this build.I am not a C outloud programmer and suffer from missing "idiot's guide for complilers".PHP.5 beta 1 was released including "Zend OPCache" - It looks traintown firmly like this will be the replacement for APC going forward as it is included in the PHP core, and will have to be maintained for each new release.I've been following the relevant mailing lists, and they are still actively working on fixing APC bugs however it is a complex module and not many people seem to be up to the task.If you are using it at all, you are using it at your own risk.On 10 December 2012 21:05, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote: APC is at the point now for.4 where I don't think outloud there are any more edge cases than we have.3.

I have double checked I have right version installed - all the other extensions are loading file but APC.
Dll I believe you should consider compiling at least first php apc dll php 5.4 three as the next movement Best regards!