reboot windows server 2012 r2

Additionally, I checked the, startup and Recovery section located in, system Properties.
And this one has always been trouble.
Method 2 : Using a command, once connected to your Windows 2012 server with Remote Desktop, follow server these steps: Open reboot the server Powershell interface.
For all the windows good that it did.A windows wonderous message to behold when you reboot your server.Event Log and the only useful information there is one event that shows the date and time the machine rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.0 out server of 0 found this helpful.I have problem with my server new windows server.I've also searched the server for this file with zero results.I can't believe nobody - not Microsoft, VMWare or Veeam - do know what this is about.How can server i solve it?I also restored it already once when it kept on rebooting after windows updates.Enter your recovery password if asked to. Alternatively you can also boot version from the chill Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO/DVD and choose repair.
Maybe some clues in motherboard/ipmi System Event Log?
Type crack the following command: shutdown /r.
Meanwhile i player prepared a new one i had already installed, just in case.Interesting though, that this server was the first one i installed back when we upgraded/switched from 2008 R2 to speed 2012.Although i still wanna know nero what's wrong.Within a running live Windows instance version metal the update handling is pretty good and, clearly, you have access to a tonne of tools to help you.Any thoughts on how to determine why my server rebooted unexpectedly?