Nous vous presentons Sabre Red 360, notre solution la plus innovante.
Open All Programs from the Windows Start menu, workspace and select Sabre Red Workspace.Sabre Red 360 will be the only version of the agent workspace to workspace service an NDC booking beyond proprietary solutions developed to manual consume Sabre's NDC-based APIs.Are not using the pre-packaged installer, shared cache, or any other advanced installation tools If your sabre environment does not meet the criteria above, refer to the HUSabre Red Workspace Advanced Installation GuideUH for alternative ways to install and deploy the application (Advanced Installation Guide only.ReEnter Allows you to input a previously entered format without workspace retyping all of the data.This utility ensures that the Workspace can connect to the Sabre System via the Sabre VPN.If you have used Sabre Red Workspace with the Sabre VPN on workspace these operating systems previously, you do not need to run this utility.For Sabre Travel Network products, Personal Trainer sm is a computer-based training tool that helps you expand your skills to book air, cars, hotels, tours, cruises and more.The current version to download is Sabre Red Workspace win32.exe.Once the install completes you will be on the latest workspace version of Sabre Red Workspace.Sabre recommends that you do not change the root directory for the Red Workspace system files.Or an agent favorite: email travel itinerary options right within the workflows.Access ALL your travel information sources, including the.Have Operating System privileges to install files onto their own hard drive.For example on Windows 7 the files are stored here. How it works for you, configure TO best meet THE needs of each vegas user.
Save time with a fully connectx graphical, keyboard-driven workflow.
Le awaken Red Workspace est votre solution tout-en-un.
Sabre Red 360 will include this feature, m/photo/albums/155.
Currently, the servicing capability for an NDC segment is the ability advanced to cancel prior to fulfillment.
Empower agents with all the capabilities they need to efficiently deliver great service.Sabre Red Workspace est un espace de travail sur-mesure - a la fois personnalisable et zaat flexible.No category advertising kasih advertising, thank you for your participation!What's in it for you?In addition, access to the users Local Temporary directory is required during the installation.In this example icon, 9BD7 is the PCC and is the Agent.Screenshots, in our graphical view, find hotels on maps sabre according to proximity to specific locations.If the network is disconnected, an error message appears.MySabre is the user name in this example.Cancelling an NDC segment is only available via the new Sabre Order fonte Management APIs.Search for non/off airport locations for car bookings.

When finished you will be prompted to Re-Start the workstation for the changes sabre red workspace manual to take effect.
Click Install to download configuration and system components.