GSM mobile phone SIM card data rescue application undeletes SPN and identification number of virus infected SIM card and support all available USB SIM card reader.
System is based on a super-loop architecture with check and skip (no-wait) flag event driver system.
Supports: uart, SysTick Timer, ADC, SPI, sakar eeprom, PWM.
For install from usb you need: sudo fdisk -l (for know where is the card usb stick, by example sdc) sudo dd o of/dev/sdc for music creation: Create a playonlinux instance.20 CommonThief MSR Simple card decoded Credit Card data parser decoded data dumped from a magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card may be a little confusing to the average user.(User should give necessary permissions for security) Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project 18 YGO Dueling Sim Dueling Simulator for the Yu Gi Oh TCG This is a Java-based program intended to allow users to simulate Yu Gi Oh duels with AIs.Using Mobile SIM Card Reader Tool will stop changes in files.RetroPC-, sIM is an sakar opensource project, to help to understand how pc works, manage memory and registries, how it represent the numbers and negative numbers, saving results, activating flags, and all it interacting with the simulator only sakar with binary card input, also you can connect.Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project 11 Media Layer AI MediaLayerAI reader is a media organizer/player like MythTV and Boxee.Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project 5 Smart-Card-Tool-pyResMan A free opensource javacard tool for java card and other smart card.15 izynfc IzyNFC provides an attractive and ergonomic mean for development, simulation and testing of NFC applications. Downloads: 0 This Week Last tools Update: See Project handheld 19 avrilos Simple AVR OS A navigation simple Embedded System Framework that allows rapid development of applications build for AVR family.
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Downloads: 2 This Week, last Update:, see Project 4 java card free analysis tool for SIM.
Data recovery is optimal.
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Can monitor sim card changes.
2, modem Manager english GUI, frontend for ModemManager.6/0.7, Wader and oFono.
Please view wiki page for help installing.To use this app you need.H La table de services.Downloads: 54 This Week Last Update: See Project 21 SCardFace ScardFace is a netflix python3k library for interfacing with smart cards, which supports Plug-and-Play readers inclusion and threading.Basic functions of the Remarc Mobile-ID SAT applet: Authentication function; Signing function; Changing PIN1/PIN2; Changing PUK; Unblock PIN1/PIN2; View information - in a usat menu is present a menu item with information of PIN usage.Screenshot, comparison of Alternative Programs: Alternatives to USB SIM Card Reader Software - Software Comparison Chart: Users who downloaded USB SIM Card Reader Software also downloaded: We are happy version to recommend you programs like ghost USB SIM Card Reader Software that other users liked.It can be used to send apdu(s execute apdu script(s It can be used to debug ISO14443 protocol commands and Mifare commands with R502 SPY reader ; It can also be used to manage resource of GP card.Security Software, user rating, audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2).13.00, digital audio watermarking tools.It is written in C and based on the OpenGL and QT librairies.25 MobileJustice tools Antitheft software for WM5 and WM6 phones with GPS module(tested on Eten X500 and Mio A701).

Key Features, security: Mobile SIM Card Reader Tool is especially designed for preserving the memory of our SIM card so as to be able to recover data in case sakar sim card reader software of damage.
In order to replay credit cards to a reader you must install a special version of CyanogenMod.