Makoto went on a break from working and Otome approached him to ask who he is going with to the festival.
The two heroines fuse their powers together, creating and piloting a similarly large school mech of 0verflow 's mascot, which after pushing Tanaka to the ground, summons a large chainsaw and cuts him down the middle.The next afternoon, the girls' days basketball team showed their recording anime of their sexual intercourse in the break room, Sekai found out school how Makoto cheated on her with Otome.Makoto angrily snapped at her, accused her of getting pregnant and demanded she leave his apartment, episodes which she ended up doing after trashing it with the food she made.) was a DVD exclusively bundled with the limited edition.The twelve television episodes of the anime days aired in Japan between anime July 3, 2007 and September 27, 2007.Makoto went out for a walk, frustrated that nobody would school accept his call and he had lost all his sexual partners. The premiere of the televised anime aired on July serial 3, 2007 on TV Kanagawa and manager finished up broadcast September.
The following afternoon, the girls' basketball team hosts a video screening, where footage of couples having sex in the secret lounge is played.
Kokoro to easy Karada september 4, 2007, school manager Days.
With her former friend out of commission, Kotonoha carves into Sekai's uterus, but sees no fetus in there according to Kotonoha's soliloquy.
The ending for the anime themes has a series of cell phone pictures of the girls that Makoto meets.
The four of them receive an obscure phone call and excuse themselves into a secret underground facility, where they are told that a mysterious gas is turning men into lecherous zombies.Followed shortly by Sekai and Kotonoha, their arguing over whose chocolate to accept scares him off, and in the later company of Sekai's mom Youko and Kokoro, the girls give chase.Leaving for home, Makoto bumps into Kotonoha who invites him to visit a newly opened water park with her.However in spite of her proud suite and triumphant matchmaking efforts, Sekai inadvertently becomes jealous of the new couple, having also developed feelings toward Makoto.Doctor S retreats and things return to normal.Sekai wanted to keep their child and share her life with Makoto, she also comes by to his apartment to cook for him.Kotonoha caught a sight of Makoto and Sekai kissing on a train but decided to leave it as her imagination.Although, Sekai believes he is overreacting, she stole a kiss from him as her train pulls in, rushing into an open passenger car and happily wishing him luck on his date with Kotonoha.Makoto admitted that he wants his relationship with Kotonoha to become sexual.Early that morning, Kotonoha was seen cuddling Makoto's head on a sailboat and whispering that they can finally be alone together.Crawling back to class, Makoto is mortified to find that chocolates given to him by Setsuna are in fact, from Taisuke, who effeminately reveals himself out from behind a desk wearing lipstick.Both the anime and visual novel episode, apart tunes from minor differences end the same way with Kotonoha going over to Makoto and kissing him while Sekai watches from a distance Episode 3 - Crossing Thoughts Edit Apart from Makoto coming over to Kotonoha's place.Sekai notices this, and pulling him aside on their way out of the park, firmly reminds him that both of them are no more xilisoft than friends.Unable to defeat the large foe and swatted from the air, Makoto catches Magical Heart and is then rescued by Magical Word, another superhero portrayed by Kotonoha.