Locate your skyrim NPC again in the Objects window, select him and press Ctrl.
Set the NPC class.Look up, way.You won't be able to rotate the face.Or some 'visual' entries in the NPC record is incorrect.If you have more NPCs in the created plugins, you need to merge those mesh and textures into the BSA file as skyrim well.Let me know which plugins are giving you problem, I will attempt to fix the editor.There are current rendering problems with NPC's translucent hair and beards.Stick to using skyrim Hirelings/Housecarl 's AI /Combat Style because they are programmed to expect the player to give them better weapons.PotentialFollowerFaction : this will allow your NPC to be recruited.As I want my follower to stay always at the same place to be easy to found him in game I've given my NPC the package as shown skyrim in picture NPC daily routine.Please know that you only editor need to load plugins you needed to edito the NPC, you can leave non-related plugins out.Set the follower's editor disposition: set this to 75 or higher (as shown in picture NPC Disposition ) as this is the minimum required value that displays the dialogue line that allows you to recruit him.If you use 'Save as BSA' (which is recommended) you might need to remove mesh and textures overrides that 'override' your.bsa and everything else.See: Or the data is saved in the save game which this program do not cover.The release version will be available on both ModDB editor and the Skyrim Nexus. You won't need to place him in the world again: any numark changes barbie you do to the NPC charactersistics cover will be automatically replicated to the NPC copy you placed in the world.
Go back to the NPC editor and assign the new combat style you've created to your follower by selecting it from the drop-down project menu.
YOU also need.NET.0 client profile OR main FOR THE program TO RUN.
At the same time, those file cover can be archived / 'zipped' in Bethesda's BSA.
All this with a cover job and leisure time to spare.Some location for those values are as yet known.Once it is loaded, select an object in the Render window (just select it, don't move anything!) and move around the cell until you find the place where you want to put your container.(See FAQs below recorder for New NPC issues) - Warpaints/Makeups/Skintone Editing.Note: The preview window doesn't work if your mouse is set printer for the left hand.Know that large part of this program are window forms objects.

This will create and ems file with the same name than the esp file but with the extension.esm.
I could spend my time writing conversations and working with voice actors to add dialogue, or I can spend my time making Oblivionauts more functional skyrim npc editor mod and useful.