sybase adaptive server enterprise 15.5

In the process I have also updated Java.
In additional cache partitions were added to enterprise improve performance.
What can I try next?Tempdb_database_size: USE_default sybase fault_backup_server: #dl_cmdline_parameters: _configure_pci: no bpcidb_device_physical_name: bpcidb_device_size: USE_default bpcidb_database_size: USE_default # If _optimize_config is set to yes, both sqlsrv.When the agreement expired in 1993, server Microsoft purchased a license for the source code and began to sell this product.Deferred Name Resolution for User-Defined Stored Procedures, fips 140-2 Login Password Encryption, Incremental Data Transfer, bigdatetime and bigtime server Datatypes and tempdb groups were also added.Contents, history edit, originally for, unix platforms in 1987, Sybase Corporation 's primary server relational database management system product was initially marketed under the name Sybase SQL Server.SQL Server.5 (Adaptive Server Enterprise).A server dataserver consists of system databases and user databases.ASE is a single process multithreaded dataserver application.A(DashoA10*.) at sybase in(DashoA10*.) at voke0(Native Method) at at at voke(Method.The Logical Process Manager was added to allow prioritization by assigning execution attributes and engine affinity.In multi server installation many dataservers can share one backup server. XE is available only on Linux x86.
3 Sybase.5 added Asynchronous prefetch, enterprise case expression in sql, the optimizer can use a descending index to avoid the need for a worktable and a sort.
00:00:00000:00011:2012/03/24 project 03:46:49.86 server Timestamp for database 'db1' is (0x0000, 0x00001428).
Strings: lib/.6 No such file Launching installer.
It only allows 1 engine and 25 connections.
It included support for In-Memory and Relaxed-Durability Databases, Distributed transaction management in the shared-disk cluster, faster compression for backups as well as Backup Server Support for the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.
ASE is predominantly used on the.
Also added was compressed backups, unichar UTF-16 support and multiple logical page sizes 2K, 4K, 8K, or 16K."Sybase ASE" redirects here.It included support for partition locking, CIS Support for hana, Relaxed Query Limits, Query Plan Optimization with Star printer Joins, Dynamic Thread Assignment, Sort and Hash Join Operator improvements, Full-Text sybase Auditing, Auditing for Authorization Checks enterprise Inside Stored Procedures, printer create or replace functionality, Query Plan and Execution.Create database: allocating 2048 logical pages (4.0 megabytes) on disk 'log_dev1' (2048 logical pages requested).In 2005, Sybase released ASE.0.Sybase released SQL Server.2 in 1992.In 1995, Sybase released SQL Server.0.Cat lease_directory: USE_default oduct: sqlsrv rver_name: ASE1 w_config: yes _add_server: yes twork_protocol_list: tcp twork_hostname_list: ubuntu twork_port_list: 5007 sqlsrv.In July 2010, Sybase became a wholly owned subsidiary of SAP America.2, mS SQL Server and Sybase SQL Server share many features and syntax peculiarities ebook to this day.It included support for: New Security features - Application Functionality Configuration Groups, a new threaded kernel, compression for large object (LOB) and regular data, End-to-End CIS Kerberos Authentication, Dual Control of Encryption Keys and Unattended Startup and extension for securing logins, roles, server and password management.Configuring the installer for this system's environment.