yosemite national park fire 2013

12 The indigenous natives called themselves the Ahwahnechee, meaning "dwellers in Ahwahnee".
The National Park Service has transitioned to fire season yosemite preparedness and park fire resources will yosemite be available seven days per week for suppression efforts.
Hodgdon Meadow Prescribed Burn - Update Firefighters completed yosemite the 234 acre Hodgdon Meadow prescribed fire at 11:30 am on Thursday, June.
A high pressure system continues to weaken over the area bringing cooler temperatures today and higher relative humidity some cloud cover will limit smoke dispersion. .Glacier Point Road is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, if fire favorable conditioned continue.Yosemite Fire Module 1 hiked into the fire area September.Yosemite as other mountain areas continues to experience air quality impacts due to regional fires.Periodic smoke will continue to be visible from locations within Yosemite Valley.From 1899 to 1913, cavalry regiments of the Western Department, including the all Black 9th Cavalry (known as the "Buffalo Soldiers and the 1st Cavalry, stationed two troops at Yosemite and brought with them the trooper's campaign hat with its distinctive Montana Peak we recognize.Fire Update for August 30, 2017 yosemite August 30, 2017 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information There are multipole fires burning in Yosemite National Park's wilderness Smoke will be present due to a high pressure system which brings higher temperatures and lower relative humidities.Bunnell is credited with naming Yosemite Valley, based on his interviews with Chief Tenaya.El Portal Fire Update for July 30, 2014 at 8 pm July 30, 2014 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information The Big Oak Flat Road has reopened.Ash has fallen on the reservoir, but water yosemite quality has not been affected so far, authorities say.The temporary closure is expected to last until Sunday, July 29, 2018.September 21, 2018 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information.It is burning at 9,500 feet in elevation with a vegetation component of high elevation mixed conifer, predominantly hemlock. .34 Hutchings became the new park guardian.Ferguson Fire Update - Additional Park Closures. Species that are highly dependent upon meadow habitat include great grey owl, willow flycatcher, Yosemite toad, and national mountain beaver.
16 Accounts from this battalion were the fire first well-documented reports of ethnic Europeans entering Yosemite Valley.
There is no threat to structures.
Smoke from the fire is visible from many park locations, and in particular, Glacier Point area and in Yosemite Valley during the morning hours.Yosemite Fire Update #6 September 12, 2016 Posted by: find Yosemite Fire Information language Ignition of the 62 acre prescribed burn at Ahwahnee Meadow began today; a total of 50 acres were completed.68 The streams consequently ran faster and thus cut their valleys more quickly.Sierra National Forest and on the northwest by, stanislaus National Forest. Stage 2 park Fire Restrictions are currently in place inside Yosemite National Park.South Fork Fire Update #13 August 25th, 2017 August 25, 2017 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information All printer evacuations in Wawona have been lifted at this time.They are mapping, taking weather and monitoring the fire behavior.72 At a variety of elevations, meadows provide important, productive habitat for wildlife.Fire managers are working with the local Air Quality Pollution Districts and will be monitoring smoke impacts to the park and local communities.Subsequent tilting of the Sierra block and the resulting accelerated uplift of the Sierra Nevada increased the gradient of western-flowing streams.They yosemite are also logins clearing accumulated dead biomass on the forest floor like sticks and logs.29 The bill passed both houses of the 38th United States Congress, and was signed by President Abraham Lincoln on June 30, 1864, creating the Yosemite Grant.John Muir led a successful movement to have Congress establish a larger national park by 1890, one which encompassed the valley and its surrounding mountains and forests, paving the way for the National Park System.